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Smith's Carpet Connection is a full service wholesale flooring company in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Carrying more than 100 top flooring brands and supported by longstanding positive relationships, Smith's Carpet Connection fulfills the demand for both commercial and residential flooring needs. We are your one-stop source for quality wholesale flooring for the lowest prices in town.

Who We Are

Smith's Carpet Connection opened their doors in August of 2009 as a family-owned and operated business by Michelle Smith and her husband Whitney. Holding more than 20 years of experience in the wholesale trade business, including opening and managing ProSource for 13 years, Michelle has the experience and knowledge necessary to provide reputable and affordable services for wholesale flooring in Colorado Springs. Joining Michelle’s mission to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction is Marina Herrara, who has worked with Michelle selling wholesale flooring products for more than 16 years.

Through their extensive knowledge of commercial and residential wholesale flooring, Michelle, her husband, and Marina have built a solid and creditable track record of success through longstanding relationships. Throughout the years, Smith's Carpet Connection has had the privilege of working with many clients, including Lost Creek Homes, Elevation Homes, Custom Design Builders, Tuscany homes, and MC Commercial Properties. In addition, Smith's Carpet Connection has recently worked with Bally’s, Galliant, and MC Commercial Properties to provide commercial flooring.

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